Kamala's Nectar CBD Foot Lovin' Spa Treats

SKU: KN-Foot-Ab

Kamala's Nectar Foot Lovin' Spa Treats 33mg CBD

​​​Give your feet some lovin' and immerse them in the pure joy of moisturizers and abundance.​

Made with only the highest quality, pesticide-free 33mg water-soluble full spectrum hemp, flower medicine and aromatherapy.

33mg Foot Lovin' Spa Treat is 2.75 inches in diameter.


7 Kinds of Foot Lovin' Spa Treats to choose from:

  • Abundance ~Allow Yourself to Receive Blessings! 
    • additional ingredients: therapeutic grade essential oils: peppermint and sweet orange.
  • Awakening ~Support your inner growth and awareness.
    • additional ingredients: therapeutic grade essential oils: sandalwood and frankincense.
  • Get Naked ~For those people who like bare bones with a lot of Tender Loving Care (TLC), Get Naked!
    • additional ingredients: organic oatmeal flakes sprinkled on top. No essential oils or color added. 
  • Letting Go ~Deeply comforting and effective for colds, flu, sore muscles, workouts, clearings, itching, over-indulgence, detox, fasts, times of stress and traumatic grief.​
    • additional ingredients: white clay, organic ginger powder, organic nutmeg powder, therapeutic grade essential oils: eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint.
  • Lighthearted Sunshine ~When you need a splash of lighthearted refreshment or to enhance good vibes, bring in the sun!​
    • additional ingredients: therapeutic grade essential oils: grapefruit and tangerine.
  • Love Your Self ~Rose is the perfect aroma for all body types. It reminds us to love your Self first and then radiate love to others. Rose essential oil is the highest vibration on the planet.​​
    • additional ingredients: therapeutic grade essential oils: Bulgarian rose.
  • The Forest & The Trees ~Bring the Outdoors Inside and Breath Deeply.
    • additional ingredients: therapeutic grade essential oils: pine and tea tree.

Photos are references only and do not necessarily represent the exact work of art that you will receive.

​Price is for one unit.​​​​​​​​