Green Roads Daily Dose Terpenes



Green Roads Daily Dose Terpenes is a perfect way for you to enjoy CBD on the go! 

Terpenes Daily Dose gives you an on-the-go convenient way to experience the benefits and rich flavors of their assorted variety of proprietary terpene blends.

Terpenes are considered the main building blocks of any plant essential oils, and contribute to the scent, flavors, and colors. The blend of pure CBD oil and broad-spectrum terpenes includes a vegetable glycerin bases and causes a powerful entourage effect, with a unique floral flavor.

HOW TO USE: Place syringe under tongue and dispense 0.5-1.0ml of liquid.
Hold under tongue for at least 30 seconds for maximum benefit.

INGREDIENTS: Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, 99% Pure CBD Crystalline Isolate, Kosher-Grade Vegetable Glycerin. CBD, CBG, Terpenes, Amino Acids, Omegas, Plant Based Protein


SERVING SIZE: 1ml Syringe 

DOSAGE: 7mg of Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

-Maximum Potency
-Compounded by a Licensed Pharmacist
-Highly Concentrated CBD
-Sweet-Natural Flavor

KEY BENEFITS: Oral Use, Fastest delivery system, Immediate response