Cannapresso CBD Water 5 pack 50mg


CBD water using mineral water and CBD crystals, used on medical atomizer, for aerosol therapy.

Cannapresso CBD Water is an innovative product of this century for human beings. Its main ingredients are pure 99.5% CBD crystals (without THC) and ionized water.
CBD water can best take effect when used with CANNAPRESSO mesh nebulizer through nebulization absorption.

The key technology is to combine the mesh technology of CANNAPRESSO specific mesh nebulizer (patented product of FDA 510K test standard medical device), nebulizing at 0.4-0.5 ml / min atomization rate through ultrasound tech at 130KHz frequency Vibration, producing 2.5 μm center aerosol particle directly to the lung mucosa to be absorbed.
This unique technology perfectly preserves CBD natural bioactivity, which will make people rightly feel the natural and original CBD vitality and obtain a glowing vigour.


Bottle Capacity: 10ml

Bottle Type: plastic, child-proof bottle

Main Ingredient:  ion Water, CBD crystal 

CBD Strength: 10mg each bottle

Packaging: box of 5 bottles