Cannabath Co. CBD Bath Bombs

SKU: BathBomb-Calm

Calm Bomb: Bergamot Patchouli + CBD infused. Helps Dissipate feelings of anxiety and stress. Great for dry skin, inflammation, and pain. Promotes full body relaxation. Yellow Duck dissolves in bath water.

Arouse Bomb: Jasmine Ylang Ylang + CBD infused. Arouses romantic feelings while promoting relaxation and pain relief. Great for sensitive skin, inflammation and muscle fatigue. Sugar heart dissolves in bath water.

Sleep Bomb: Lavender + CBD infused. Helps to reduce pain and inflammation. Soothes dry skin, and promotes better sleep.

Muscle Bomb: Peppermint & Rosemary + CBD infused. Helps to reduce pain and inflammation of sore muscles, great for post workout, soothes dry skin. 

Energize Bomb: Coconut Lime + CBD infused. Energizes and enhances mood, great for sensitive skin, helps to reduce pain and inflammation

Each Bomb has approx 60mg CBD

Formulated for sensitive skin

All natural Sulfate Free

Will not stain skin or tub no messy cleanup.